The founder of IPA4U, Rita Botha has a background in nursing and auxiliary radiography and served as Course Co-ordinator and PRO for Rand Afrikaans University.

Seven years of experience in methods of posture assessment and correction.

Working with employees and gleaning statistics of chronic pain in the workplace has confirmed the need for a visual, educative posture assessment and corrective method with an outcomes base of referral.

The advent of remarkable top of the range assessment and corrective tools as a remedial measure, provides a tru break through in the diagnosis and treatment of posture and foot deficiencies.


service picWe offer a range of complimentary products, designed to analyse posture problems and deficiencies and to correct identified problems.

Posturepro Assessment Program Software

Only Posture Pro calculates a person's Posture Numberâ„¢ The greater the Posture Number the greater the stress on the spine, muscles, tendons, ligaments and certain organs. It's that simple.

It instantly shows the necessity of care and the necessity of CONTINUED care. read more